Nikki's authentic testimonial and personal story is such a powerful read. As
a mother of a child who has health challenges, this book gave me an
invaluable gift, the gift of understanding, empathy and perspective. After
reading "BADASS grATTITUDE", I now see my son's experiences in a whole new
way, how he is experiencing life. Without reading this book, I would have
never fully appreciated what he goes through. If anyone you know, love, or
support has had to persevere through health obstacles, this is a must read. 

Through anecdotes and stories, Nikki provides perspective that only a few individuals possess. She is someone who has experienced many highs and lows, and yet, inspirationally, has persisted.  Nikki demonstrates all of this, and more, throughout her memoir, detailing vital lessons, and weaving themes that any individual seeking progress can use. 

Knowing Nikki is a blessing. Working with her is an unparalleled experience. She is reflective,  insightful, compassionate, and knows how to help you grow to become your best self. In her first book, Badass grAttitude: A memoir , she allows you in on her personal journey to find herself and her happiness. When you speak with her you immediately feel her warmth and empathy and appreciate the fact that she listens for understanding. I have learned so much from Nikki and I so treasure her as a person and as a life coach and advisor.