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Nikki has been in my world for quite some time and in many capacities.  I thought I knew almost  everything about her.  When I read her book, Badass grAttitude I was amazed to learn new things about Nikki.   The inner strength she pulls from to not only "get through", but triumph over her challenges is inspiring.  With that fortitude Nikki has a lot to offer as a life coach. She has been strategic in her and her clients self improvement, and it shows.  In my experience she has never been one to mince words.  In a uniquely empathetic way she will tell it to you straight, so buckle up! 


Knowing Nikki is a blessing. Working wir is an unparalleled experience. She is reflective,  insightful, compassionate, and knows how to help you grow to become your best self. In her first book, Badass grAttitude: A memoir , she allows you in on her personal journey to find herself and her happiness. When you speak with her you immediately feel her warmth and empathy and appreciate the fact that she listens for understanding. I have learned so much from Nikki and I so treasure her as a person and as a life coach and advisor".

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