Nikki wrote her memoir, BADASS grATTITUDE, after a long overdue mental overhaul of … well, everything. 

After being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was 12, Nikki felt different. But when she became legally blind at 23, she felt incapable and lived her life accordingly. Somehow, Nikki navigated her way through meningitis, the loss of both her parents, and a kidney/pancreas transplant. Then, after 8-years of marriage, her husband 'suggested' that they live separately.

"It was just me, the dog. and my  lack of self love..
One of us had to go, and it wasn't going to be me or the dog."

Through her own experience, Nikki has a firsthand and intimate knowledge of how developing a new mindset and creating new habits and behaviors can seem overwhelming. But with dedication, consistency, and accountability, Nikki achieved the goals she set for herself and works with her clients to do the same for them.

As a personal development and self love coach, Nikki uses a compassionate yet "No BS" approach with her clients, just as she did with herself.


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