Today, I am the author and publisher of BADASS grATTITUDE, speaker and self-love and confidence advocate and coach. But that wasn’ always the case.


By the time I turned 41 I had been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, become legally blind, contracted meningitis, lost both my parents, and had a kidney and pancreas transplant.


When I was 43, my husband asked me for a separation. He said I was miserable. He said he was miserable, and that he couldn’t keep living like that anymore. He said I should find my happiness.


 He was right. 


I was inspired by stories I heard and read of other people struggling with their own life’s challenges  and how they moved forward through them.  By telling their stories, they assured so many others that they were not alone. Inspiring others to take their happiness, self love, and self worth into their own hands. That we are all the same in wanting our best lives.And that our challenges don’t define us, we define ourselves.


I knew I had to tell my story and share it with whoever would listen. I felt compelled to try to inspire others, as I was.. And to give them the understanding that ultimately, their lives are up to them. And if I can do that, than everything I went through in my own life has been worth every moment.  And helping others is what drives me and brings me infinite joy.