BY THE TIME I turned 41 I had been diagnosed with Juve- nile Diabetes, become legally blind, contracted meningitis, lost both my parents, and had a kidney and pancreas transplant.When I was 43, my husband ‘suggested’ we live separately. He said I was miserable. He said he was miserable, and that he couldn’t keep living like that, He said I should find my happiness .He was right.

So, I set out to find my happiness & self-love...and I found it

I tried different things to help get me there. Some worked

and some didn’t. Not everything is for everyone, and that’s ok. I found what worked and still works for me. I now choose. Not always what happens in my life,, but I now choose how to handle what comes my way.

I have been guiding people to their confidence & self-love for many years. After my memoir, BADASS grATTITUDE was released, I was flooded with requests for help. Readers realized that my story is relatable. That while our circumstances may be different, our struggles are universal.

 Using my experience & life's experiences I can help you too.


The choice is yours. The choice is always yours!

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