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Are you thriving or just surviving?  Do you believe you are meant for more? I'll let you in on a little secret: you are not alone.  But don't think about everyone else, because this is about you. You are here because you are ready to take action. You deserve a fulfilling and abundant life, and you can have it!

In our sessions, I guide you through how to recognize and enhance your grATTITUDE, Self-love & Confidence. These three power practices take just minutes a day and will build the foundation to create impactful change in your life.


I have spent nearly a decade sharing these tools to prompt people to step into the next level in their life. I know they work, not only from my clients' but from my own experience. I, too, was held back by my limiting beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.  I allowed so many years to pass while I missed so much joy, love, opportunity, health, and wealth.  It is my mission to help you conquer your limiting beliefs and live your fullest life.

So, what is an icon?

"A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration."

When you embody grATTITUDE, Self-love & Confidence and you feel & see the positive change you are creating ... you will be ICONIC.


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