BY THE TIME I turned 41 I had been diagnosed with Juve- nile Diabetes, become legally blind, contracted meningitis, lost both my parents, and had a kidney and pancreas transplant.When I was 43, my husband ‘suggested’ we live separately. He said I was miserable. He said he was miserable, and that he couldn’t keep living like that, He said I should find my happiness .He was right.


So, I set out to find my happiness & self-love...and I found it.  I tried different things to help get me there ... and stay there.

One of the most powerful ways I found that kept me, and millions of us around the world,  positive and confident,  was staying aware of my self talk and how I talk to others. It still is!


 It is an incredibly powerful tool.  That's why I created "Love Notes by Nikki" (LNBN).  So there is always a reminder of how amazing we, and those we love are!

Wouldn't you love your morning coffee to affirm that you are amazing, love, joy, abundant, and more?! Or putting your crown gear on that declares that you are the ruler of your life?!


Visit the LNbN online shop and get your love notes now!

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